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■  Our location

Situated in the beautiful area of the Montagne de Reims, you will find us tucked away in the little village of Tauxières. We are just 20 miles from Reims and 12 miles from Epernay.

Our vineyards are scattered around Louvois, Bouzy, Mareuil sur Ay, Tauxières and Avenay Val d’Or. They are considered to be the best Champagne-producing areas for Premier Cru. Le Mesnil sur Oger is renowned for its 100% cru.

We tend our vines all year round, following changes in the seasons, to ensure that our production is of the highest quality. This is essential in maintaining traditional champagne standards.

We are also proud to have been awarded the Quality Charter of the Comité Champagne, the body that represents the area, protects its interests and ensures that wines are produced according to its specifications. This ensures an excellent balance between quality and price.